Trim & Siding

Wood repair is something we have a common issue with here in Alabama. Those pesky termites know exactly how to damage your exterior wood, so it is important to have rotten wood trim taken can of sooner than later!

Do not let a small crack in your siding create a bigger headache in the future, let us go ahead and fix it! It does not have to be overwhelming but it does need to be done correctly. Let Impact Home Solutions take care of this for you.

Notice an issue or damage with your fascia, soffit, window trim, or door trim? Call us. We are a one stop shop that can do it all for you. At Impact Home Solutions, we pride ourselves at giving you the best service and handle all jobs with urgency.

We all love to grill out during football season here in Alabama. We look forward to Saturdays and tailgating. If you are celebrating for your team and the grill is too close to the vinyl siding and you have a melted section to wood clapboard siding, don’t let it ruin your day! We can replace it and have it looking good as new in no time.

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Exterior trim provides decorative detail on your home’s facade. Trim lines your roof, accents your siding, and frames windows and doors, which means it plays a big role in your exterior color palette. Give Impact Home Solutions a Call (334) 320-5186