Fences & Porches

Who wouldn’t love a Private Sanctuary in their own backyard?

Who doesn’t love spending time in their own back yard just relaxing? Unfortunately, your porch steps are unsafe and those loose hand rails and rotten boards are embarrassing when friends and family come over for that cook out.

We can help make repairs to your existing porches and fences to extend the life of them. If replacing and/or installing a new porch or privacy fence is needed we will be happy to take care of that for you.

Don’t allow that nice time quite time at home to me messed up by having your neighbors decide to crash the party either. Let Impact Home Solutions install a privacy fence that allows you to have the privacy you want as well as host a gathering without disturbing the neighbors. You will still want that privacy even if your neighbors are your best friends, so we got you covered.

We can turn your backyard into your own private spot and help to improve the quality of your time spent there.

Privacy Fences can also provide protection against passers-by, thieves, and/or wild animals that can cause damage to your property. Allowing access and visibility to your your home, children, and pets that can wonder off. Do not leave you home venerable to someone trespassing on your property with the ill-intent of robbing you or causing damage.

Invest in the peace of mind that comes from having a privacy fence installed around a well built porch for lasting memories and the safety and well being of your family and friends.

ADDED BONUS: having a well-built and maintained privacy fence will also increase your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.

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Do you want a place to welcome guests in your home or enjoy your backyard while having coverage and protection?  Then a porch may be the best option for you. Give Impact Home Solutions a call (334) 320-5186.